Process Capabilities

PCBA Process

In the assembly of our printed circuit boards, we incorporate and utilise SMT (Surface-Mount Technology). With this technology, we are more than capable of mounting 0201 (mm) size chips and a plethora of odd shape components such as QFP (quad flat pack) and BGA (ball grid array). We provide complete traceability for the full process and materials used.

Final Assembly

During the final assembly stages, we offer process optimisation, eliminating unnecessary steps and incorporating automation, thereby saving time, minimising errors and working more efficiently. Not only do we provide PCB assembly services, but we also offer box build assembly, providing customers with a finished final product.

Function and Testing

Our commitment to quality assurance is unwavering. In addition to systems integration, our value-adding manufacturing solutions include meticulous testing, ensuring the final product is functioning perfectly and is ready to be sent to our customers. We are thorough, making sure our customers receive products that are entirely fault-free and robust.

Retail Fulfilment

We serve our clientele from the very beginning of the process until the very end when they receive the completed product. We take orders, process them, and deliver them to end customers no matter where they are, serving clients not only on a local level, but on a grand international scale as well.


SMT Technology

Conformal Coating

Component Underfill

Corner Bonding

Spot Welding/ Laser Welding

Manufacturing Facilities

Inspection and Measurement Facilities